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Scots Law Talks is passionate about helping a reach their full potential and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed. We provide a selection of pre-university preparation courses that are designed to give students the best possible start to their educational journey. We help our students gain a foundational understanding across key legal topics in addition to building educational confidence and legal academic skills.


Our founder, who has gone through the legal journey herself, worked in industry and now lectures in law, has a wealth of experience with helping students on their academic journey. At Scots Law Talks, we understand that starting on your legal education can be daunting. However, with our passion for law and your willingness to learn, you can be confident that you’ll get off on the right foot. 


Starting out at university can be tough!

Starting higher education can be an exceptionally exciting, but stressful time. It is usually a time of change for many students and this can impact on self-confidence and resilence. For some students they realise that their degree isn't what they hoped and then look at moving courses or leaving university altogether. With our pre-university preparation courses, we offer students the chance to see if law is the right course for them before they sign up for student loans and pack their bags.  

Getting an offer to study law can be tougher!

Law is competitive and having good school qualifications may not set you apart from the other applicants. Our students are encouraged to demonstrate their new-found knowledge from our preparation course within their UCAS personal statements with the aim of exemplifying that they are serious about their legal studies. 

Staying the course is hard too! 

Then there is the issue of remaining at university. A law degree is challenging to obtain, however our students start their studies with a clear understanding of what is expected and they arrive at university with the tools they need to excel. 

So why study an LLB? 

In Scotland, we have award winning law schools that have produced some of the greatest legal minds in the country. However, the LLB degree is valued highly by employers even outside of law. This means for law students they have many opportunities within or outwith the legal profession. 

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We are always happy to answer any enquiries. Please use the form below for any questions concerning our courses. If you can't see a course in your area and/or for your age group, and would like to know whether this may be possible, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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