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The Philosophy

Scots Law Talks was created with one belief in mind. This is that knowledge of Scots law should be available to all. The legal profession can seem quite a closed industry and as a result, some can find it difficult to enter. 

Our philosophy is to share legal learning in an accessible way. If you are considering studying law yourself or are simply curious to understand how law works in Scotland, then you are at the right place.

Founder of 
Scots Law

Portrait image of Scots Law Talks founder, Lindsay Conchar

Lindsay M. Conchar


LLB (Hons), DPLP (Dist), PgCert TQFE

Member of The General Teaching Council for Scotland

PVG Check Registered

My Story

The story of Scots Law Talks is bound within my experience of studying, working and then, lecturing within law. 

My name is Lindsay Conchar and I am the founder of Scots Law Talks. 

Even as a child, I was adamant that I was going to study law. Much to my parents' surprise as they had no background in law or even in higher study, and they perhaps thought I would change my mind as I grew older. However, this wasn't the case and aged 13, I arranged my own work experience at a law firm. My passion to study law grew.

Since 2013, I have worked in a range of legal firms starting as a legal receptionist, then moving onto roles such as legal assistant, paralegal and laterly as a trainee solicitor. During this time, I completed my LLB degree and then the post-graduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice.

However, just as I was away to move into the profession as a solicitor, I realised that  something wasn't right. I realised that I wanted to spend my life sharing my knowledge of the law and helping the wider public have a better legal understanding. After much reflection, I changed paths and moved into education in 2018.

I now work as a Lecturer at Dundee and Angus College. I specialise in delivering modules in law, criminal justice and in criminology up to HND SCQF Level 8. I love being a lecturer and being able to share my knowledge and passion for law. I have had the pleasure of teaching a vast number of students that has ranged from school pupils through to learners in their sixties! 

Over the years, I have spoken for the Law Society of Scotland at events, supported their Street Law Programme and judged Mooting Competitions (a simulation court case) across Scotland. Through this, I have met exceedingly bright and determined future law students. Yet, a common concern has been with students feeling unprepared with what lies ahead. I can easily understand and at 17, I still keenly remember how challenging it felt at the start. Especially, as as I had no family members who had been to university, never mind, guide me on entering law! 

Portrait image 2 of Scots Law Talks founder, Lindsay Conchar
Today, I am able to share knowledge and support students through their academic journey. My personal aim is to make the study and learning of law rewarding and enjoyable. As I always say to my students: Law is actually fun! "

I have had so many students who had never considered law until they started to learn more. Even those who don't wish to become legal professionals, have shared how fascinating they find law and believe that they have gained knowledge that would help them in their future.  

And this is what Scots Law Talks is all about. Through talks and courses, I aim to offer individuals the chance to gain an understanding of different legal topics and to gain knowledge and confidence regarding Scots law. 

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