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We are celebrating MyAngus Week!

MyAngus Week is back!

Running from the 25-31 March, it gives all residents a chance to celebrate all Angus has to offer.

Being a new business based in Angus and Tayside, we had to get involved!

On Thursday 28th March 6:00-8:00pm: for one night only, we are partnering with Arbroath Library to bring you The Guilty Act.

This striking building was completed in the late 18th century and was known simply as “Hill School.” The school was then, designed to fit 120 scholars.

Nowadays, this building is now a beating heart of the local community. More than just a library, it offers ICT facilities, and also art galleries to the top of the building. It caters to all of the community; from tiny tots with its child-centred area to those wanting space and support with researching their family genealogy. With this focus on serving the community and inspiring a passion for learning, it makes a perfect collaboration for Scots Law Talks.

In the spirit of celebrating how fantastic Angus as a region is, we are delighted to offer The Guilty Act talk in Arbroath for one last time.

Our attendees will be transformed into members of the jury as they examine the case of Mr Ernest Ramsay throughout the evening. They then must collectively determine his fate. Will they accept his defence? Will he be found guilty or not guilty? The decision rests with the jury.

So will you be joining us? Standard tickets are £18 and student tickets are £13. All tickets are seated and include light refreshments (coffee/tea).


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