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Short Q&A with Lindsay Conchar, Founder of Scots Law Talks

In this short Q&A, Lindsay shares her first experience of studying law, the philosophy around Scots Law Talks and what is planned for 2024.

The Guilty Act is on tour. We have been to Arbroath and now have other venues across Scotland for 2024.

As mentioned in the Q&A, in The Guilty Act we will be looking at:

  • What is a guilty act?

  • What happens if you commit an offence by accident?

  • Can alcohol or drugs ever excuse crime?

We will learn more about 'the guilty act' through looking at real-life cases which have shaped the law. In this talk, you will become a member of the jury and must decide the fate of Mr Ernest Ramsay - will you find him guilty or not guilty?

You can buy tickets here on our Talks page.


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