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Criminal Law Series: The Guilty Act

Scots Law Talks Logo - Pedestal on green background

Welcome to Scots Law Talks - where we believe that knowledge of Scots law should be open to all. 

Our mission is to provide the public with knowledge and to encourage enthusiasm about law, as well as to empower students to pursue their dreams in higher education.

Our talks explore the intricacies of the Scottish legal system and shed light on important topics, such as law, crime and justice.

Our events and workshops offer attendees the opportunity to engage directly with subjects such as criminal justice, sentencing and forensics through interactive sessions. 

Our pre-university preparation courses are designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel at higher education.

“The best event in the area!
Lindsay makes learning fun. I learned so much I didn't know already, even after watching 1000s of crime documentaries! If you're looking for something different to do - date night, get together with friends, or just a night to yourself, this event is a must!
I can't wait for the next talk to launch."



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