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Warm welcome to our First Student Volunteer: Rachel Miller


Our community at Scots Law Talks has grown a little bit bigger with the addition of our first student volunteer, Rachel Miller. Rachel is a dedicated and ambitious individual who has chosen to volunteer her time with us. This blog post aims to introduce her to the Scots Law Talks' community.

Rachel's Role at Scots Law Talks

Rachel Miller is Dundee & Angus College Graduate with a deep passion for all things crime and justice. As a student volunteer, Rachel will be actively involved in Scots Law Talks. She will be assisting at our events and interacting with our audiences. Her bright and enthusiastic demeanour will without a doubt, add a positive energy to our talks and workshops. So, when you see her at one of our events, please make sure to say hello!

A little more about Rachel...

  1. Congratulations, as you have recently completed your HNC in Social Sciences at Dundee & Angus College. What was one of your favourite subjects?

Thank you! Sociology was, for sure, my favourite subject. During my HNC year, we covered crime and deviance and it was really interesting exploring different perspectives and theories. Criminology was also a favourite of mine but unfortunately, we didn’t delve too much into it, so I’m looking forward to studying that at university.

2. You are soon to be starting your studies at University. What has inspired you to pursue your chosen field of study? Do you have a particular module that you are excited for?

So I’m starting my BA Sociology and Criminology at Abertay in September and it’s really because I love those subjects! It was difficult to choose which path I really wanted to follow so I got super lucky that Abertay had the joint degree.. and they accepted me!

University definitely wasn’t in my plan when I went back to education 3 years ago but I’ve surprised myself in what I’ve accomplished so far so I’m continuing to follow what I enjoy.

3. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I’m training in powerlifting! I’ve been a consistent gym-goer since 2017 and after Covid, I decided to try something different so I got a coach and we’ve been working on my squat, bench and deadlift ever since.

I love a good walk so if I have a free day and the weather is nice, I’ll try to go somewhere new and explore a bit. It’s nice for the peace and quiet too! I do love a lazy day too, so when I need a recharge; I love a day of trash tv and snacks!

4. What is one of the most valuable lessons you've learned in life?

The connections you make with people are absolutely essential! I’m so fortunate as I have a great family, a supportive boyfriend and a very close circle of friends, who are the most supportive and caring people I could ask for. Their encouragement has really helped me through the stresses of exams and I’m so grateful for them.

5. What is a book, movie, or piece of music that has had a significant impact on you?

The books: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson and You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero! Both similar in that the message is to focus your energy on things that bring you absolute happiness and really ignite your passion while ignoring anything that drains your energy.

Jen Sincero comes from a more spiritual place so that one probably resonated more with me.


We are thrilled to have Rachel Miller as our first student volunteer. Volunteering plays a crucial role in our community. It not only provides an opportunity for individuals like Rachel to gain hands-on experience but also helps in creating a more engaged and vibrant community. We look forward to the positive impact that Rachel will undoubtedly make.

Welcome aboard, Rachel!


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